rental conditions

These General Conditions apply, without restriction or reservation to all bookings made by the user of the websites or («the Tenant») and therefore form part of the lease agreement concluded between the company Alpine Residences (« Alpine Residences » or «the Lessor») and the Tenant.
The validation of the reservation by the Tenant on the websites or implies acceptance without restriction or reservation of these Terms and Conditions. The Tenant acknowledges having the capacity required to book and contract on the websites or 

1. Alpine Residences & Manali Lodge

The company Alpine Residences SAS with a capital of 1.000 € - 790 183 151 RCS ANNECY, having its head office at Parc Altaïs, 21 C Rue Andromède – 74650 CHAVANOD.

2. Objective

Each booking is made under the condition of temporary residence only. It is strictly forbidden for clients to use accommodation as a principal or even secondary residence. Under no circumstances may professional or commercial business be conducted from the premises. 
To clarify, the customer’s right of withdrawal in accordance with the French consumer code is not applicable for the provision of accommodation, transport, catering or leisure services which must be provided on a given date or according to a certain periodicity. Therefore, the right of withdrawal does not apply to any contract undertaken with Alpine Residences.

3. Prices and conditions

Alpine Residences reserve the right to modify the prices at any time and for any reason. Our prices include taxes for the provision of accommodation, including utilities (water, electricity, heating), with the exception of the tourist tax payable in resort. Our accommodation rates do not include the optional additional services as proposed in resort.
The rent does not include:

• The tourist tax,
• Services provided on request by the Tenant, including services (daily cleaning and / or complementary linen, chef, transfer service, ski pass, ...)

The Tenant, having paid a deposit on the rental is liable to pay the balance that must be paid 45 days before the start of the stay, under the conditions defined in Article 4 of these Terms and Conditions.
In any case, no key will be handed over until the entire amount due has been paid in full by the Tenant.

4. Reservation and payment

Prior to the conclusion of the reservation, the Tenant finds on the site or directly with his agency Alpine Residences all the necessary information on prices, dates and elements of the stay (such as housing location, typology, capacity, main characteristics, photographs, optional additional services, cancellation conditions, ...).
The Tenant will have to go on the website The Tenant then makes his choice regarding the property to rent by selecting the dates of reservation from those available. He can then confirm the reservation and pay the deposit directly on the website via the Ogone payment interface.
Then, the Tenant will have the choice to pay the totality of his stay via the Ogone payment interface or, can proceed to the payment in 2 times by paying a deposit of 25% deposit calculated on the total price of the rental of the chosen property and then the balance 45 days before the beginning of the stay. 40 € booking fees always apply in addition to the rental price.

A confirmation email will be sent in both cases, to the email address indicated when creating his account.
For all reservations made at the last minute, the total amount must be paid immediately. In the event of non-payment in the allocated time, Alpine Residences reserves the possibility to consider your registration as null and void, and to apply charges as per the cancellation policy laid down for this purpose as defined below. Your reservation is considered definitive when you have received a confirmed booking from Alpine Residences.

5. Arrival and departure times

The tenant is obliged to inform in advance the day and time of his arrival and departure.
The rental starts at 4pm and ends at the latest at 10am the last day of the rental. Key collection, on arrival and departure, is done within the opening hours of the Alpine Residences agency.
The rental agreement ceases automatically upon expiration of the fixed term, without the need to give leave. The duration of the contract and therefore the lease may not be extended without the prior written agreement of the Lessor. If the Tenant decides to leave the rented premises before the scheduled date, he cannot claim any refund for the remaining period, both for the accommodation and for the associated services not consumed.

6. Deposit

A deposit guarantee of 2.000,00 €, to the apartments of less than 180 m2, 4.000,00 € for more 180 m2, will be asked upon arrival. It will be returned to you at the end of your stay settlement of any additional services taken out in resort and after deduction of any items damaged or missing (an inventory is provided on the day of your arrival and checked on the day of departure). The deposit will be returned after an inventory of the apartment. If items have been damaged or must be replaced, these costs will be deducted from the deposit plus 10% of this amount for managing the work.
The deposit will be returned within 15 days of the client’s departure. This delay allows Alpine Residences to discover any damage not immediately noticeable. In any apartment or chalet, if cleaning or repair work is necessary, or if a broken or damaged object needs replacing, the amount deducted from the damage deposit for expenses will be justified by means of an invoice with 10% fees due to the work management. Throughout his/her stay, the client is automatically held fully responsible for any object that is damaged or broken and for any other damage to any other contents of the property.

7. Main obligations of the tenant

The Tenant is obliged to:
• To occupy places only in a conventional way, to the exclusion of the exercise of any trade, profession or industry, the tenant recognising that this lease was only granted to him as a temporary and recreational residence, a major condition without which the lease would not have been granted to him.
• Do nothing that, because of him or the people accompanying him, could harm the tranquillity of the neighbourhood or other occupants.
• Occupy the premises personally and not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES sub-let, even free of charge, nor transfer their rights to this rental except with written agreement from the Lessor.
• Do not exceed the occupancy capacity of the property. The rented premises must not, under any circumstances, be occupied by more people than indicated, except with prior agreement of the Lessor. If the Tenant contravenes this clause, the Lessor may seek the Tenant’s liability.
• Do not store or remove, under any circumstances, furniture, except for linen and small items.
• Make no modification or changes in the layout of the furniture or ornaments; nor transport out of the rented property the furniture and objects garnishing it.
• Do not introduce any pets into the rented property without prior authorisation from the Lessor, the possibility of which being subject to the fact that the animal does not cause any damage or disturbance in the vicinity.
• Not to use the Internet access for purposes contrary to the legal provisions, in particular as to the prohibitions of reproduction, representation or communication of works protected by a copyright.
• To leave during the rental period, in the rented places, any urgent works necessary which cannot be postponed.
• Inform the Alpine Residences agency, within 24 hours of arrival, of any anomaly found (including incomplete inventory or cleanliness problem). After this period, the leased property will be considered to have been handed over in a clean and functioning  condition at the entrance of the Tenant.
• Inform the Alpine Residences agency immediately of any damage or incident occurring in the rented premises, even if no apparent damage results.
• Maintain the rented premises and return them in good condition at the end of the stay.
• Be responsible for loss and damage that occurs as a result of the actions of people in the group occupying the premises during their stay in the property, unless they can prove that this took place not through their fault or the fault of the persons mentioned above.
The Tenant agrees to be insured (multi-risk habitation insurance) against the rental risks he is liable for during the entire rental period, so that the agency will not in any case be found responsible on this subject.

8. Conditions of cancellation

8.1 Modifications 
Alpine Residences accept any change of date and/or type of apartment within the limits of availability. If the amount of the reservation of the Tenant after modification is less than the total amount of the booking before modification, Alpine Residences will retain a 40 € booking fees.

8.2 Cancellation
In case of cancellation, the Tenant must notify us in writing. The date of cancellation will be determined by the date of receipt of this notification. 
For all cancellations, Alpine Residences will retain a 50 € cancellation fees, as well as a percentage of the total price of the stay, as follows:
• More than 45 days prior to your arrival, Alpine Residences withhold 0% of the total amount of the stay.
• Between 45 and 21 days prior to your arrival, Alpine Residences withhold 25% of the total amount of the stay.
• Between 20 and 8 days prior to your arrival, Alpine Residences withhold 75% of the total amount of your stay.
• 7 days or less before your arrival, Alpine Residences withhold 100% of the total amount of your stay.
• Non-arrival for the booking, Alpine Residences withhold 100% of the total amount of your stay.

9. Legal provisions - use of the internet connection

The WIFI log-ins will be communicated to him on arrival on the premises. 
The tenant is responsible for the usage of the internet access put at his disposal during the rental period as indicated in the rental contract.
The navigation is the responsibility of the tenant alone. It is forbidden to consult internet pages of which the content is prohibited such as pornography, pedophilia, racism, encouragement of violence. All of the internet activities are saved and can be verified in case of suspicion of abuse. The use of the access codes counts as agreement.

10. Responsibility and claims

Alpine Residences wish to inform the Tenant that rental in a “Tourist Residence” or furnished apartment is not within the framework of the responsibility of hoteliers. Accordingly, the responsibility of Alpine Residences shall not be liable in the case of loss, theft or damage to personal effects in the residences, in both apartments and in car parks or common premises.
The Tenant have 48 hours after the arrival to report in writing to Alpine Residences any dispute concerning the descriptive of the rental accommodation, the quality or the cleanliness. Past this deadline, Alpine Residences will not take into account any claim relating to the previous points. Any claims do not automatically entitle the Tenant to a discount.
Under certain circumstances, in the case of events independent of Alpine Residences will or in the case of a force majeure, Alpine Residences reserve the right to partially or totally change the residences facilities (total or partial closure of a site). In the case of delay in construction, announced services and activities, in the context of leisure activities on site, can be changed without notice.